(Cancer Metastasis Alert and Prevention Center)



The Cancer Metastasis Alert and Prevention Center (CMAPC) of Fuzhou University recruited excellent pharmaceutical talents, and is composed of biochemical laboratory, molecular and cellular laboratory, cancer pharmacological laboratory, cell culture and sorting laboratory, chemical synthesis laboratory, plant and ocean pharmaceutical laboratory, bionanotechnology pharmaceutical laboratory, pharmaceutical analysis laboratory, pharmacokinetics laboratory, and bioanalysis chemistry laboratory. The research interests of CMAPC cover many fields of pharmaceutics and it becomes the core of the key disciplines of Fuzhou University within Fujian Province. At CMAPC, there are one Distinguished Professor of “The China Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, one Min-jiang Scholar Professor, one Full Professor, and three Associate Professors and alike. CMAPC offers many courses related to research and development of modern biomedicines. It recruits Graduates and Postdoctors from areas of pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis, analytical chemistry, biochemical engineering, and food safety and medicinal chemistry. There are about 30 more of postdoctors, PhD and Master Graduates at CMAPC.

The research interest focuses on 1) studying the mechanisms of cancer metastasis after surgery from cellular and molecular basis as well as from mammal body as a whole; 2) discovering key pathways that control cancer metastasis; 3) establishing animal models that can reliably mimic metastasis in patients. After comprehensive understanding of metastasis dynamics, internal and external elements that deactivate or reactivate circulating tumor cells, we will develop various methods, techniques and products that can reliably alert metastasis for cancer survivors; develop various techniques and products (including drug combination, nanomaterials, biopharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicines, and others) that can efficiently and safely prevent cancer survivors from potential metastasis. Since it was founded in 2012, CMAPC has published more than 30 papers and its faculty has been invited for more than 10 presentations at international and domestic scientific conferences. CMAPC has established academic ties with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) as well as Colleges of Pharmaceutics abroad and at home. Its graduates have received many scientific conference Awards due to the high quality of their research presentations. 




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